Saturday, May 18, 2013

Destined Coincidences

            We parted a century ago.                                           
  And we still follow the same routine.
They say young love can't be real. 
                             Little does society know. 
           Life is but a big and messy coincidence. 
                   And I'm loving it. 

I personally believe that no such things as coincidences exists. Having observed that the most  significant changes in my life have been the result of a specific coincidence, I concluded that nothing happens "accidentally". For me, a coincidence is either one of two things; a sign or destiny. 

Google defines a coincidence as "a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection." I've had some pretty weird coincidences in my life.. An unexpected life change due to the fact that a few tectonic plates moved somewhere in Asia, causing the Tsunami in 2004; which made me move to Asia. Coming back to Finland; starting a new school; participating in an exchange to France - where I met someone who I felt was bound to belong in my life.

And amusingly, I've always fallen in love through coincidences. They have been the most utterly unexpected experiences, either coincidentally popping into each other more than twice during one day; going on an exchange to another country - or just spontaneously going out on a date when meeting in the street. It's something wonderful- when you realize that the "What on earth?!" turns out to be a destined coincidence. 

Some people don't believe in such things as destiny or signs. Merely because they need something as "proof", as they don't listen to their intuition. But... We don't need proof that we love someone. In a similar way, we don't need proof that a coincidence is actually a sign. 



  1. You have proof of love. However, destiny has no proof behind it. I dont know about you but i do pretty much live my life believing in things that i have proof in... most people do, dont you agree?

  2. <3 coincidence u met me? nahh i think it was destiny <3


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